Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Picnic fit for a King

 So today didn't go exactly as planned.  Actually, today went nothing like planned :-p  But it ended up being a really great day!

We were sad to hear this morning that we wouldn't be able to meet up with Angie and her kiddos.  Long story...  But since we were already on our way we decided to see if Mom had a little time to spare if we visited her at Bowling Green.  So we were off!

We caught up with Mom for about an hour or so and since they were being so good I decided to take the kids out to lunch as had been the original intention today.  We stopped off in Perrysburg at the recently opened Chick-fil-A.  I am thrilled to report that this was a much more successful visit than the last time we ate at a Chick-fil-A, hehehe...  The kiddos plowed through lunch, played for awhile and then this softie Mama was so impressed with how well they had been behaving all day got them a cookie for dessert.  When we got back to the table with it I wished I had ordered one for me, too!  It was still warm.  And gooey.  And smelled amazing!  Don't believe me - check out the pictures of how much Noah and Kayla enjoyed their cookie...

We headed back to Farmington where we're sans Grant for the evening as he is off with his co-workers playing whirlyball.  So we are food celebrating on our own tonight with a meal fit for The King - Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana sandwiches to celebrate National Peanut Butter day!  My family could probably live off peanut butter if it came to that but I wanted to do something other than the usual PB & J.  So dinner was born tonight ;-)  And because of how good they've been all day I decided that if you're eating peanut butter sandwiches you must be on a picnic.  In the kitchen because it is still FRIGID here in Michigan.

We're chalking today up to a success even though it wasn't what I was expecting on rolling out of bed this morning.  Check in tomorrow to see my non-alcoholic spin on a very alcoholic celebratory beverage.  Until then...
Mikayla last night ready for bed - the only child that I know that wears a tutu and fuzzy frog socks to sleep

 The view from behind (she was cracking me up)

 Kayla at lunch

 Noah, too!

 Working on his cookie

 Mikayla, too!

 Noah's cookie aftermath

 Mikayla's cookie destruction

 Playtime (fairy wings, tutu and high heels, only Kayla)

 Making dinner

 Peanut Butter and Banana yumminess!

A fairy and a pirate eat some peanut butter

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