Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

The Gatchel's wrapped up 2012 in style :)  We started our evening off by heading over to Heritage Park for some sledding.  Wow was the hill slick!  It has been so worn down by all the sledders over the past few days that it was nearly a sheet of ice!  Climbing back up the hill was quite the challenge, especially for the littlest Gatchel.

We headed home for some baths to warm up and pj's to snuggle in.  We then made pizzas all together and started to hand out our 2012 Gatchel awards.  They were as follows:

Mikayla:  Most Stylish
Noah: Best Penmanship
Grant: Best "Fixer"
Kristi: Most Creative

I think if you've followed the blog at all over the past year, all these are totally self-explanatory ;-)  It was fun to celebrate the accomplishments we've all had over the past twelve months.

We settled in to watch "Hook", chow down on the pizzas which were then followed up by some absolutely phenomenal skillet cookies.  We also did our Gatchel predictions from 2013.  We tucked them away and will pull them out next New Year's Eve to see how we did.  We then all toasted each other and the year (Mikayla and Noah got special glasses and drank a whole bottle of sparkling cider themselves) and then followed it up with a countdown complete with poppers.  Note to Grant and I: Buy better poppers next year :-p  The kiddos were tucked in snuggly by 9pm and Grant and I ushered in the New Year at midnight with the traditional ball drop.  Here's hoping that 2013 will be just as wonderful!

Ready to sled

Grant wasn't too thrilled with his New Year's crown

Noah was!

I was looking cute

Kayla too

Noah's award for best penmanship - smelly markers!

Zip Ties for the "Best Fixer's" car :-p

Yay for most creative Mama!


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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. When some members of the Bryant family drink sparkling grape juice, they get really bad gas. Not me, you understand, but some members, biological members. :-)