Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flaking Out

 There are few things that frighten me in the kitchen.  For the most part I've come to adopt the "what's the worst that could happen?" attitude when attempting a new dish.  But, admittedly, I was a little stressed about National Croissant Day today.

Sure, I could have gone to the store and picked up some beautifully prepared croissants and basked in their flaky buttery goodness.  As apprehensive as I was, though, that totally seemed like cheating.  So I put on my big girl panties and decided to tackle the bread that is a task for even the most skilled chef.

I will admit that I chose what was labeled as an 'easy' recipe.  It did not require all the "laminating" (a technique used in creating the flaky layers in an croissant) of a more authentic croissant.  But all the other steps were there.  Including the one that I omitted the first and second times I read the recipe - letting them rise for two hours at room temperature after they were shape but before baking.  Oops.  Seeing as I caught my mistake at just after 3pm, my croissants didn't quite get the rise time they needed.  Still...

They turned out as well as I could hope for.  Perhaps a little more on the 'crescent roll' side than an authentic croissant but I gave it a go :)  Since I had extra dough (and still do in my fridge.  And given that the recipe says it can stay there up to four days I may have to try these again with the correct rise time...) I also tried using it to make some French apple dumplings.  While we'll chalk up the croissants to 'ok' these were fabulous!  The entire pan is already gone and it has been suggested that perhaps some of that dough go into making another batch...

Noah had a field trip to a gymnastics studio today, but since Grant took him I will be letting him post the pictures on that one.  Look for that maybe sometime later tonight :)

Still working on hunting down the ingredients for tomorrow's celebration.  Also will be taking Mikayla for her three year check-up tomorrow.  Until then...

Aren't they pretty?

Country French Apple dumplings - SUPER YUM!

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