Tuesday, January 8, 2013

English Bubbles (Or something like that)

 So I only have pictures of Noah reaping the riches of his creations today as Mikayla had a massive meltdown mid-dinner and not only ended up losing dessert privledges but had to settle for a regular old bath rather than play in the bubbles with her brother.  It was a trying hour or so there but we all managed to come out relatively unscathed.  I just wrapped up a game of Go Fish with Noah (I won this time, though he kicked my butt at Old Maid the other night) and now am looking forward to catching up on Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey while either making some ABC flashcards for Noah or working on my cross stitch project.  Oh the choices...  Until tomorrow!

Noah enjoying his English Toffee

 Bubbles ready for a kiddo

Said kiddo enjoying bubbles

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  1. The bathtub all to himself! Wow. He must've had a blast.