Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 A few weeks ago I got carded buying lottery tickets.  I kid you not.  Me, who is going to be 30 in a few months didn't sufficiently pass for 18.  My only thought at the time was "Well if I had the kids with me there'd be no doubt"

Apparently this is completely untrue.

After picking Noah up from school this morning we had to head to the grocery store to find our food of the day - apricots!  (More on this later)  There was a few other unrelated things I needed to check out as well so we made the trip to Meijer.  I love me some Meijer.  They have everything, everyone is always so friendly, the prices are great.  I love Meijer so this whole story is no reflection or them nor does it change my adoration for the store.

Anyway, as we walk in we are all three jabbering away about something.  Earlier in the morning Mikayla had asked for pigtails and then with the biggest eyes and sweetest smile asked if I would wear some too so we could match.  How could I say no?  So I knew I was looking a little young but I was feeling like a great Mama to be sporting the same style as her adorable three year old.  So as we're all jabbering the greeter lady stops me, looking at all three of us intently.  The conversation went something like this.

Greeter:  Are these your kids?
Me: (Beaming proudly) Yes they are.
Greeter:  You're kidding me.
Me:  Nope, they are all mine.
Greeter:  You can't be over 18.
Me:  (good natured chuckle)  Actually, believe it or not I'll be 30 in a few months  (OK, at this point I'm smiling but starting to walk away from the whole thing.  She comes closer)
Greeter:  (To Noah)  Is this your Mama?
Noah: (Looks at me like he doesn't know what's going on.  I nod at him to go ahead and answer)  Yes
Greeter:  Are you sure?  (OK, she didn't really just ask my four year old this, right?)
Noah:  Yes, this is Mama.  And I'm Noah and this is Kayla
Greeter:  (Now to Kayla)  Is this your Mama?
Kayla:  Yes
Greeter:  (Back to me)  They're adorable!  But they can't be yours.  You're the baby sitter, right.
Me:  I promise they're mine.  I wouldn't trade them for the world
Greeter:  Well you are all so cute.  But honey, no one would believe you were in your 20's, much less 30.
Me:  I'm sure someday I'll be very thankful for that.

Sigh.  Apparently I'm doomed to look like a teenager forever.  And as I said to her, someday I know I'll be very thankful for that.  Today, not one of those days, though!  She was trying to be nice, I know, but some days I wish I didn't have the face that begged perfect strangers to say completely inappropriate things to me :-p

So back to our day's celebration - apricots!  Since they're not in season right now (which really makes me wonder which brainiac came up with the idea to make today apricot day) we settled for the canned version.  I made a scrumptious baked apricot dish to go with the glazed ham that was dinner.  Mikayla is now a huge apricot fan.  Noah said they were just okay. (He did eat them all without too much of an issue with it, though which I am taking as a success)

Post-nap we got a little creative for awhile.  Noah and Kayla both got some neat art stuff for Christmas that we've been wanting to try out.  Noah got some paint markers that he used to make a picture of all of us (Bella included) in our house with trees all around it.  I love that his pictures now have stories to go with them as opposed to a bunch of scribbles.  Mikayla set to work decorating my windows.  She got some very cool (thanks Aunt Vickie!) markers that write on the windows.  They both had a blast decorating with them.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun (and young faces!) from the Gatchel clan :-p  Until then...

Apricots, yum!

 My gorgeous baked apricot dish, pre-oven

 Noah and his paint markers

 She just may be the next Da Vinci!

 Noah's window art consisted of a flower bed he told me

 Mikayla tried out the paint markers, too

 Mikayla's finished window art.  I know it's a little hard to see but trust me that it is very cool

Yummy baked apricots


  1. DaVinci in a tutu. I can see it!

  2. 1 - I snorted so loudly at your last response to the Meijer lady that I woke up Lillian. :)

    2 - I adore that picture of Mikayla at the window. Precious subject + excellent lighting!