Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shortbread and Beans?

 Today makes the first day that there were 2 "celebrations"  And I'm not sure they could have been for two more different things.  This morning, we celebrated "National Shortbread Day" with a cookie break mid playroom cleaning and Christmas de-decorating. (Undecorating?)  Anyway, Grant confessed he's not much of a shortbread kind of guy but he did think they tasted just like those Danish cookies out of the blue tin.  OK, I'll take it.  Kayla ate it but wasn't begging for more.

Noah, on the other hand is apparently very much a shortbread man.  There were 8 pieces this morning - Noah has eaten 4 of them.  Note to self - Noah seriously likes shortbread.  And it was honestly super easy to make.  The hardest part was patting it into the perfect size rectangle.  And I did get to try something fun - making superfine sugar.  A quick online search helped me find that superfine sugar can actually be made using regular granulated sugar in the food processor.  Too much fun - and a bit of a mess if I'm honest...  Shortbread, consider yourself celebrated.

So tonight we set in to celebrating today's other food - the bean.  As soon as I saw this was the food of the day there was no question whatsoever what I would be making for this crew - Beans and Weenies!  Remember how I said the other night I consider the meal a success if they finish it in under 25 minutes?  I consider it even more of a success when there are no leftovers!  And when Mikayla fed herself the whole meal.  (Though that may have more to do with the fact that Grant told her that if she couldn't feed herself her own meals and use her spoon properly she couldn't go to pre-school.)

Check out my other post about how we spent the rest of the day here at Casa de Gatchel.  It was a messy one :-p  Until tomorrow...

Kayla could take it or leave it

 Noah on the other hand...

Beans and Weenies!

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  1. Papa Tom loves to make weenie beans. We had some Thursday night. And I had some Friday at lunch. And likely, we will be eating the leftovers on Monday night.