Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Corny Kid Kitchen

 Happy National Corn Chip Day!  Who doesn't love corn chips?  Salty, crunchy goodness snack sized!  My personal favorite way to eat corn chips - with french onion dip.  Closely followed by the never fail "Frito Pie".

And while I was sorely tempted to rely on either of those methods to celebrate the wonderful corn chip that seemed to be the easy way out.  And being that it is Kid Kitchen Tuesday I wanted to get in on a fun way for the kiddos to use corn chips as well.

So we made two corn chip recipes during Kid Kitchen today :)  The first might be my new favorite use of corn chips because who would ever think of using them as a dessert?  Not this girl, that's for sure.  So when I came across a recipe for what I'm calling "Corn Chip Crispies" I knew we had to make it.  Think Rice Krispy treats but with corn chips.  Everyone's favorite gooey marshmallow treat with a dash of salt and extra crunch.  And of course a blast for the kiddos to make as the first step was for them to crunch up the corn chips.  This was a huge hit and will probably be a pretty standard recipe around here now.

Then I figured why give Fritos all the hype today, let's try making our own corn chips!  So we did and they turned out great.  I even used our homemade corn chips as part of dinner tonight - a yummy chicken cheesey corn chip rice casserole.  I would say that we've celebrated the corn chip pretty thoroughly around here.  And I'm totally making a stop at the store tomorrow for some french onion dip to polish off the rest of our homemade creation.

Otherwise we spent the day out enjoying the slight warm-up (though the fog was so dense I couldn't see across the street for most of the day), wading through the laundry and of course, our other favorite Tuesday activity - story time!  Hands down, one of my favorite things about living here has been our fabulous library programs.  Just found out that musical story time starts up again Thursday night and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are promising their best behavior all day so they can go.

Noah has a field trip tomorrow and tomorrow's food celebration just may prove to be a little bit of a challenge.  Until then...

Playing this morning

 Ready to start our Corn Chip Crispies

 Mash mash mash

 Crunch crunch crunch

 We learned about how handy wax paper can be today :)

 Our finished Corn Chip Crispies

 Greasing the cookie pans to get them ready for our corn chips (they thought this was a lot of fun)

 Kayla whisks the dry ingredients together

 While Noah stirs up the wet stuff

 And the dough came out looking like this

 Kayla giving it a good roll

 Noah, too!

This is how they looked all rolled out and ready for the oven

 Sampling after lunch


 Don't they look yummy?

Tonight's dinner all topped off with our corn chips

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  1. I loved your library. It is a great place. The Corn Crispies look yummy as does the casserole. Love the pics, Kristi. Thanks for keeping in going.