Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kayla Stats and some Brandy

 Today I took Kayla for her three year well check.  I know, a little behind the curve, but we got there eventually.  I was (am) SO proud of her.  She's in the 25th percentile on her weight and 50th percentile on her height.  So she' going to be average height and skinny - gee wonder where she gets that.  Not only was she EXTREMELY well behaved and well spoken with the doctor, she took her booster shot like a champ.  I kid you not, no tears at all!  She got poked, said 'ow' and it was over.  Woo hoo for my adorable baby girl.  (Who can officially stop growing now and stay this size and this cute forever)

I've been a little hung up all week getting the correct ingredients for today's celebratory drink - a Brandy Alexander.  A Brandy Alexander for those of you wondering, consists of brandy, dark creme de cacao, heavy cream and is garnished with nutmeg.   I wanted to make an authentic one for the grown-ups, but was looking for an acceptable Plan B for the kiddos.  I found a great recipe for a 'virgin' milkshake version of a Brandy Alexander but it called for brandy flavoring.  I searched EVERYWHERE for brandy flavoring.  No such luck. So I improvised.  The kiddos loved what I came up with so it's all good here :)

Tomorrow's going to be another challenge.  All I have to say is meringue.  Until then...
The kiddos were window coloring and rocking out this morning

 I tried to get some good shots of them 'dancing' but the camera was only being so co-operative

 Brandy Alexander ingredients

 Yum :)

The kiddos version (it ended up being ice cream, dark chocolate syrup, a bit of heavy cream and nutmeg pureed in the blender.  They LOVED it)

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