Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 When I started thinking about what to whip up in Kid Kitchen over the weekend I decided I wanted to avoid a sweet if possible.  I wanted a snack I knew the kiddos would love that did NOT contain sugar.  So what did that leave me?

Cheez Its!

My kids adore cheese crackers.  So the search began and I found a copycat Cheez It recipe that was actually made with whole wheat flour.  Even better!  And they'd get to use the food processor which I knew would be a huge selling point with my two.  So this morning we set up shop to take on the cheese cracker.

The kids did a fairly excellent job today.  The recipe was pretty easy but they did get to play with the aforementioned food processor, a rolling pin, skewers and the pizza cutter so I knew it would be fun for them.  They liked the crackers, though in honesty if I make them again I'd roll them out thinner that the recipe called for so they were a little crisper.  I should know by now that whole wheat flour takes a little more time anyway.  But they scarfed them down with their lunch so we'll consider it a grand success.

Speaking of successes...

Anyone who read yesterday's post  will find the following absolutely hilarious.  Once we got the cheese crackers in the oven I asked them what they'd like for lunch.  The overwhelming hands down response - pastrami sandwiches!  They both HAD to have pastrami for lunch.  It totally cracked me up.  Chalk this up as yet another lesson I've learned during this whole project.

And don't worry, I didn't forget about today's celebration.  I considered us tackling it in kid kitchen but honestly am glad we stuck with what we did. Today is Strawberry Ice Cream Day!  As we still had some left from Mikayla's birthday (because she had to have pink ice cream of course) I figured I'd take the day off from creating whatever food it was and just enjoy it :-p  Strawberry ice cream was enjoyed by all post-dinner this evening.  Quick, you still have time to go get some yourself!

Until tomorrow...

Have I mentioned lately I love my little chef-lets?

 Noah grating the cheese

 Mikayla adding the cheese to the food processor (she did get most of it in...)

 Mikayla in charge of the food processor

 Rolling out the crackers

 We had mostly squares but decided the ones on the sides were more fun :) (Noah did the vertical cuts and Mikayla did the horizontal cuts)

 Out of order, whoops!  Noah had a turn at the food processor, too

 Poking holes in our crackers so they didn't get too puffy


 Noah with his pastrami sandwich that he made all by himself

 Yummy pastrami


 Mikayla had some pastrami, too

Happy Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

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