Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Fun and a Tea Party

 (Grammy Caren, this post is all for you!)

Today is the first day we've had that there hasn't been something else going on or errands to run and I've been promising the kiddos we'd play in the snow the first chance we got.  Since it's getting warm and melting it was a little too messy to play in it outside so we brought it in instead!  We got out tons of bowls and other kitchen toys and they went to town.  Anything that keeps both kiddos occupied for over an hour without the slightest hint of a disagreement is a fabulous activity in my book!

The other thing I have been wanting to do since Christmas is let them have a tea party using the tea set Mikayla got for Christmas.  Yesterday when we were out shopping I let them pick out their own flavor of tea.  Bonus fact - January is also National Hot Tea month so we're celebrating, too!  (hehe)

So they got all decked out and had their very first tea party luncheon.  Mikayla played hostess, even pouring the tea all by herself!  They had a blast (as the pictures will attest)  Check us out later today for our official food celebration (Here's a hint - it'll be gooey!) and a recap of the other exciting day at the Gatchel's!  Until then...


 Prepping for the party

 Lightning McQueen and Cinderella with Tinkerbell wings all ready for their tea party

 Real tea and everything (they picked lemon in case anyone was wondering)

Mikayla takes her first sip

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  1. I love it! They look they're having a ton of fun! And the tea party is too, cute! Sandwich is heart shaped? Kristi, you are the best mom. Thanks so much.