Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weird Science

I admit it; I cheated.  I had no choice today.  The person that came up with these National Days obviously did not take into consideration the time of year certain things are celebrated and the ability to get your hands on the ingredients for whatever is being celebrated.  I blame the man - he's keeping me down!

All kidding aside, today's celebration is for Peach Melba.  I will admit when I first saw it I had no clue what it was. In fact, I was pretty sure it was some kind of alcoholic beverage and we'd be skipping today.  Wrong!  Peach Melba is a delicious dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with peaches and raspberries.  It was invented by a French chef in the 1890's to celebrate an Australian opera star.  So I put it back on the list and have had on my mind the past couple of days that I needed to get my hands on some peaches.  And raspberries.

There are no fresh peaches to be found in Farmington Hills.  Which makes complete sense as they are definitely not in season right now.  You're supposed to poach the peaches to make the dessert truly authentic, but no such luck on this one.  I decided we'd settle for frozen or canned peaches.  You make do with what you've got a I figured.

Alright, so now I needed raspberries that got mashed up with some sugar to form a nice jelly like sauce to be drizzled over the ice cream.  So on our trek to find peaches I was also on a raspberry mission.  We actually tried a vegetable/fruit market thinking we'd have the most luck there.  Well I did find raspberries - at $6 a pint!  No joke!  Now I'm all about celebrating but there are reasonable limits to everything.  For lack of a better option I found some yummy looking raspberry preserves that I figured would serve the purpose.

So there it is, I cheated.  We did have peach melbas tonight as the pictures will prove but they were FAR from authentic.  Though to my joy they were a huge hit with everyone.  At least I know the extra effort was appreciated :)

The rest of our day was spent on a much more fun activity - a trip to the newly reopened Michigan Science Center.  Grant and I have been wanting to take the kiddos for awhile now and some research proved that getting a family membership would be a great idea.  We get into a whole lot of other museums with our membership (including Imagination Station people in Ohio!  And COSI!!) and we get two free guests every visit.

The kids had a great time.  We saw a couple of the 'shows', one a general science one and one on electricity which both Noah and Mikayla loved.  We didn't make it through everything and can't wait to go back again soon.

Until tomorrow...

In the Diabetes Exhibit

Before the Science Show

Noah, Mama and Kayla

During the Science show

During the Electricity Show

Noah and Kayla posing with the Space Man

Playing in the Kids Town area

Peach Melba, Kristi style ;-)

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