Monday, January 7, 2013

I Can Hear!!!

So you'll have to forgive me on two counts today - no pictures and no official food celebration.  The food of the day is Tempura and I 1) wasn't home to make dinner tonight and 2) really would have skipped it even if I had been home as I'm not sure I could have gotten all my ducks in a row to do a decent job making it and then convinced Thing 1 and Thing 2 to partake.


This month is National Soup Month and to try to salvage the day a bit I did put a pot of Chicken Noodle soup in my crock pot before leaving this afternoon which they had for dinner here along with some English Muffins that I made in my bread machine (because it's still National Bread Machine month, too!) so I tried.

Lame, I know.  I tried, though ;-)

On a MUCH happier note the reason I wasn't home tonight was because I had a doctor's appointment.  I know, not usually a thing to be excited about but I have been having some major ear issues going on for the past week and a half or so to the point of not being able to hear for the past few days.  It has been ridiculously frustrating not just for me but for the entire family.  It has been hard to try to get the kiddos to understand that I just can't understand what they're trying to tell me.  I'd had my check-up scheduled already, though, so I've been trying to hold out until today to get it figured out.

I will spare you the details of what exactly was wrong and how it was fixed, but needless to say it was fixed and, thank goodness, I can hear again!  Special thank you to by kiddos and hubby for rolling with me over the past few days as we've struggled through this one.

And while there are no pictures today, I promise you're going to want to check us out tomorrow as it is Tuesday (and we're back to our normal schedule for the most part) which can only mean one thing - the return of Kid Kitchen!  Plus I have another project that we'll be making tomorrow that is sure to turn out some very cute pictures.  Stay tuned!  Until tomorrow...


  1. I LOVE your chicken noodle soup! I don't think this meal is lame at all. Did they have to clean your ears? That's always entertaining for us nurses. :-)

  2. It was actually different from the chicken and noodles I made when you guys were here - this was actual chicken noodle soup (whole chicken, all that jazz ;-)) And yes, they had to clean my ears out. I am so disgusted that I can't even comment any further than that...