Friday, January 25, 2013

Luck o' the Irish

 The man behind the curtain that created this American Food and Drink holiday list continued in his attempts to thwart my project today by throwing me another curve ball; Irish Coffee.

I am familiar with Irish Coffee.  I love me some Irish Coffee.  Strongly brewed coffee, brown sugar and authentic Irish whiskey (didn't peg me for a whiskey girl, huh?) topped off with some beautifully floating cream - how can you possibly go wrong?  Oh I know, if you have a three and four year old you are attempting to introduce to this well crafted masterpiece.  Time for Plan B.

Most of the Plan B options I found still included whiskey which didn't make them much of a plan B when it came to it.  I did finally find an Irish Coffee mousse recipe that I liked that I figured I could just leave the whiskey out of.  Which is what I ended up doing.  My kiddos who have already had their first cups of coffee (not that much of a surprise if you know Grant and I and our love of java) enjoyed tonight's dessert and didn't miss the whiskey at all.

But I couldn't leave Grant hanging that way.  So off to the liquor store I went in the snow (with Noah and Kayla in tow, kind of felt like a Mom Walk-of-Shame) to procure some Jameson.  He is a very happy man tonight, saying that he thinks we should have snowy evenings with Irish Coffee more often.  I say bring on the Irish Coffee but the snow can stay away.  On a brighter note the frigid temperatures seem to be relaxing their grip at least a little and we might even see 40 by Monday.

We're off to cuddle up together with a movie this evening.  Who knows what the weekend will bring.  Until then...


 My attempt to float the cream at first wasn't as successful as I had hoped...  But it still tasted awesome

The kiddos version :)

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