Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everything is better with chocolate

Today is one of those days that I wished my Mom lived just a little bit closer because I really wanted to share todays 'celebration' with her as I had no doubt she would appreciate it.  I definitely thought about you while making today's creation, Mama!

That being said....

Happy Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, everyone!  On our national calendar today we celebrate that sweet syrupy chocolate covered concoction that I know holds a special place in Mama Koz's heart.  (Though let the record show that they MUST be dark chocolate covered to be considered up to snuff for my Mom)

At first, I was honestly going to skip today's celebrated food.  I'm one of those really strange women that isn't completely enamored with chocolate.  In fact, I could have passed on it completely up until the time I had Mikayla.  Apparently her extra estrogen pushed me over the brink and I now have a fairly healthy love of all things chocolate (especially in M&M form!).  But chocolate covered cherries, not really up there on my 'must have' list.  Then I figured if I was going to throw in the towel already my 2013 experiment was off to a rather rocky start.  So I decided what the heck, we'll give 'em a go.

So because I could never do something as simple as go to the store and pick up a box of chocolate covered cherries from the MANY Valentine's displays that have already seemed to take over the stores (though I will admit I was sorely tempted...) I began looking for the perfect recipe to try my hand at this treat.  Strike #1 against me and my poor planning, though.  Apparently to get the full effect, you are supposed to make the chocolate covered cherries and then let them set for 1-2 weeks before consuming for the best taste.  As they sit the sugar mixture you coat them in before dipping them turns into that syrupy mess everyone loves.  Who knew?  OK, so authentic chocolate covered cherries were not going to be had, but I did learn something.  You win some, you lose some.

I refused to accept defeat, though.  So I kept searching and came across what appeared to be a yummy recipe for chocolate covered cherry cookies.  Score!  The kiddos and I picked up the rest of the ingredients this morning and I whipped up a half batch of chocolate yumminess this afternoon.  I honestly expected the cookies to get panned as I didn't think it was something the kiddos would enjoy.  Wrong yet again (it was getting to be quite the theme for today by this point) as they loved them.  Mikayla of course had to dive into the cherry and Noah scarfed two of them.  Grant enjoyed them, too and commented on how strong the cherry flavor was.  I'm considering this one a huge success.

So lessons learned today during our celebration of the chocolate covered cherry: 1) Mom should live closer 2) Kristi should plan more in advance 3) Never doubt the kiddos love of all things sugary.  You'll have to check out the pictures of my creation and the kiddos enjoying them.  More tomorrow...


 Fresh out of the oven and drizzled to perfection

 Aren't they pretty??

 Kayla's first bite

 Noah's anticipation

 And first bite

I put the camera away before Mikayla was completely covered in chocolate, this was when she was still fairly clean...

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