Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Cream Puff Day!

 In my teens I had a shirt that said "Normal People Worry Me"  I loved that shirt.  I wore it all the time and strongly believed in its message.  I don't believe there is any such thing as 'normal' when it comes to people.  Nor do I think there should be!  Normal is a setting on a washing machine, not a way to describe a person.  Consider this girl to have her 'freak flag' flying high with much pride.  I'd even go as far as to say that I'm weird and borderline crazy some days.  (Okay, most days)

So just consider what I'm about to discuss one of those weird "Kristi-isms" and take it for what it's worth...

One of my goals (not resolutions, mind you, those are too easy to break) for 2013 is to see each day as an adventure and something to celebrate.  And I want to celebrate the little things, the 'normal' things if you will.  So in my quest to come up with a way to do this, I remembered stumbling across a website awhile back that listed national celebration days.  All those goofy things like "Talk like a Pirate Day" and the likes.  From there I found a 'food celebration' page as well.  Perfect!

So the Gatchel clan is on a mission to celebrate these odd days this year!  I figured it was a fun thing to celebrate, a way try new things and involve the whole family.  So today was our first day trying it out and let me be the first (and probably only in all honesty) to wish you a Happy National Cream Puff Day!

And of course, my faithful readers, by now you know I NEVER do anything the easy way.  Instead of going out and buying a box of cream puffs to celebrate I just had to try to make them myself!  Who knew it was super easy to make cream puffs???  While this batch didn't turn out super cute (because I wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen to the dough once I put it in the oven) I know what I'm doing for the future and am pretty sure I could turn them into an adorable dessert.  These I stuffed with some banana cream pudding and they were quite a hit.  (Noah especially loved them)

Also, in case you were wondering, it's National Bread Machine month (which, let's face it, is every month here.  My bread machine is constantly getting quite the work out) so I whipped up a new creation to take with me to my MOPS meeting tomorrow - Orange Cranberry bread.  Yum!  If it tastes half as good as it smells it'll be divine.

So stayed tuned and keep celebrating with us!  Enjoy every day we're given and forget being normal - it's boring!  While we'll probably pass on a few of the celebrations (I'm thinking I may have a really hard time convincing Noah and Kayla to partake in Curried Chicken Day) I'm going into this with an optimistic mindset.  If you want to check it out here's the website I'll be using to track our 'celebrations'  Until next time...

Happy Cream Puff Day!

Cranberry Orange Bread for MOPS tomorrow, num num num

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