Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kid Kitchen Returns!

 English Toffee.  Definitely not one of my favorites (I think I must have had a bad experience with a Heath bar at some point in my life...) but celebrate it today we must.  Also not the best choice to kick off Kid Kitchen again with, but what're you going to do?  Gotta follow the calendar :-p

I seriously considered just buying the toffee.  I had a bad experience before Christmas trying to make some and wasn't sure I wanted to try my hand at it again.  When I realized what I'd done wrong (there's usually a reason the recipe calls for butter) I figured we'd give it another go.  Plus I did some research.  Apparently English toffee is an American creation.  In England, their toffee is more like what we would consider taffy.  What we know as English toffee is usually (but doesn't have to be) covered in chocolate and topped with a nut of choice (pecans and almonds are most prevelant) and is served in brick (hard) form.  So consider yourself now in the know about English Toffee.  And you thought this blog was just cutesy ;-)

Since I didn't want them to be completely disappointed with making the toffee, I did some more research to discover there is another celebration today.  It is also National Bubble Bath day.  Okay, now we're excited.  So some research on my part turned up a super easy (and cost effective) homemade bubble bath recipe.  For less than $1 I have two of the happiest kiddos on the planet today.  I'm not sure how many times now they've thanked me for making bubble bath.  You'll have to check out the pictures and see how much fun we had.

I will try to post pictures later tonight of them enjoying their toffee and also their bubbles.  Until then...

Decked out in their new aprons!

 I LOVE these two!

 Laying out the saltines for the toffee

 They did an excellent job!

 Quick break for some kisses

 Butter and brown sugar - yum

 Learning about things boiling


 Chocolate topped

 Lunch break!

 English toffee ready for the fridge

 Getting ready to make the bubble bath

 Stirring it all together

 Pouring it in their bottle

 Their finished product (complete with their own label!)

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