Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Feet

Remember my tease yesterday about a fun annual Gatchel event going on today.  Well bring on the paint!

We let the kiddos 'paint' their poster pictures today.  I can't say a whole lot about it without ruining the effect of the pictures.  Let's just say they had a blast and let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Oh, there's also a few pictures of how I spent my day...  Or at least the outcome of it.  I tackled one of the jobs I absolutely loathe - cleaning and organizing the playroom.  No, not one of those straighten things up so it looks neat, a put everything in the middle of the room, dust, vacuum and start again.  Ugghhh.  If you've been here you know that the playroom is HUGE so this is no small task.  I kid you not, five hours of my life today.

But it's clean!  And sparkly!  And organized!  Bring on Monday!

A few more pictures can be found in the album.

The kids check out their new digs

And so it starts..,

Orange and blue - a shout out to our Illini extended family ;-)

Noah showing off his mess

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