Sunday, December 15, 2013

What up, Cupcake?

You know that saying about the best laid plans?  Yeah, that'd be today.  After much planning, debate and juggling we finally worked out a time to meet up with the majority of the fam in Toledo to celebrate not only the Bean's birthday but Scott's, too.  Apparently we forgot to ask Mother Nature about her intentions.

As you saw yesterday, we got some pretty significant snowfall.  Grant and I easily shoveled 4-5 inches off the driveway around 2pm yesterday and the snow was still falling. Grant and Gary were out with the kids in the morning and said the roads were messy and then ventured out of for a drink last night and said getting out of the neighborhood was kind of like taking your life in your hands.  Grant said that there was a car nearly half a mile down 10 Mile and he was hesitant to pull out in front of them.

We woke up to more snow that continued to fall this morning.  I talked to the Ohio contingent and they said they were willing to brave it.  And I wanted to do the same.  My heart was in it, but my head saw the additional 3 inches we had to shovel us out of yet and the continued flakes falling and I sadly decided it wasn't probably worth the risk.  Grant agreed whole heartedly and said he'd really rather not drive in it.  I have no doubt we'd have been fine, especially once we got on the highway, but getting out of Farmington might have been an issue.  We're already planning on being in the 'Mont next Saturday so guess we'll just be celebrating then :) Plus, Mom and Shell are coming Tuesday for the Bean's holiday performance at school so it's all good.

So instead we had a nice day with just the four of us.  Grant and I shoveled us out yet again this morning while my favorite twosome built snow piles and snow angels in the yard.  Then there was some time to play with some of their new toys, opening the Bean's birthday present from Grammy Caren and Papa Tom and lunch before heading out to check out the sledding situation.

I am thrilled to report that it's only taken 3 Michigan winters - but Noah finally has the hang of (and truly enjoys) sledding.We only made it for half an hour or so as every so often there was a really bitter wind that was blowing directly up the sledding hill.  I think the kiddos would have braved it but Grant and I decided we'd had enough :-p  I did have fun testing out the hill with the Bean a few times - each of which ended up in quite the wipe out.

After some hot chocolate it was definitely nap time for everyone.  If the snow means the pure silence that descended on the house because everyone (including Grant and I for a little bit) were passed out hard core, I'll deal with it :)

We're debating the rest of the night - there's either a drive through living Nativity at the Church where my MOPS group meets or my wonderful fabulous fantastic friend, Tess burned us a DVD with a whole bunch of old school Christmas specials on it.  I can't WAIT to introduce the kids to them - "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" "Claymation (the one with the California Raisins!!!)", "The Chipmunks Christmas", "The Smurfs Christmas" and the one I am looking the MOST forward to "A Muppet Family Christmas".  Not sure who all might remember this, as it originally aired in 1987 and is VERY difficult to find, but it is the one where the Muppets travel to celebrate Christmas at Fozzie's Mom's house.  I can't wait!!!  Anyway, the final decision will be up to Grant as if we venture out it'll be him driving :)

And lest I forget, Happy National Cupcake Day!  We were planning on polishing off the rest of Mikayla's Ariel cupcakes with everyone today, and we have managed to munch on a few.  I also made some really fun Pizza Cupcakes for dinner.

I can't believe this is the final week of school before break.  And it's going to be a busy one!  Kayla's Christmas program is Tuesday, PTA Wednesday, MOPS party and a get together with the Kennedy's on Thursday, hoping to catch up with a friend from home, Corinne, (who is the most incredible Mom ever - seriously we should just give her the "Super Mom" title.  Anyone remember Flat Peyton?  She's the one who came up with that!) on Friday, then a party with the Janoch's to do dinner and "Muppet Christmas" carol and heading to the 'Mont on Saturday for cookie baking and then to leave the kiddos there for a few days.  Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about all this!  Chocolate Covered Anything tomorrow (my menu says "Chocolate Hockey Pucks" and Grant is intrigued)  Until then...

 Showing off her nail art from Grammy Caren & Papa Tom

 We got Noah's wall track set up

 Mikayla and Daddy working on her ballet moves

 Playing away

 Pizza cupcakes ready for the oven

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