Friday, December 6, 2013

St. Nick Visits the Hills

Did you remember to leave out your shoes?  Were you good enough this year to get a visit from the Big Man?  We did!

St. Nick made his annual stop at Casa de Gatchel sometime last night and left some goodies for my favorite duo.  (He stopped for Grant, too who remembered to leave his shoes out.  I forgot, go figure.)

And this morning the Bean and I did some St. Nick visiting ourselves.  He left a beautiful poinsettia for my Mom and some goodies for Scott which meant we needed to make a trip to Bowling Green to deliver them.  Surprise!  Hope they enjoyed their goodies :)

On the way back, I got that call every Mom dreads - the school calling to tell me Noah wasn't feeling well.  And of course I was still over an hour away.  So Grant (thank goodness) popped up to school to grab him while I was able to schedule him an appointment with the pediatrician for right away.  Poor kiddo has an ear infection and a nasty cold he's fighting.  Antibiotics have been prescribed and he's resting tonight.

In other news -

Happy National Gazpacho Day!  (This went over a lot better than I thought it would here)

Happy National Microwave Oven Day!  I made microwave popcorn to go with dinner tonight because I'm not sure there's anything else that I automatically associate with being made in the microwave.

Tess, David and Alexis are on their way over shortly to watch the Veggie Tales version of St. Nick and maybe a little Frosty as well.  Tomorrow is a Home Depot Build, Holly Days down town and I'm thinking we need to start to tackle a couple of these projects we're to be making for Christmas.  This is our only 'free' time all together until Christmas so suppose we should get on it!  And cotton candy (again!).  Until then...

St. Nick stopped for the Bean

 And Grant

And Noah Joe

 Mikayla getting up this morning

 Showing off some of their loot

 Happy National Microwave Oven Day!

Happy National Gazpacho Day!

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