Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treat times 3 with Flat Peyton!

 My friend from high school, Corinne, is hands down a Super Mom.  I do not distribute this title lightly and I probably only know a handful of women who truly deserve it.  But Corinne is such an amazing Mom to her three boys she has definitely earned it.  She comes up with such original ideas, projects, events, etc for her kiddos to take part in.  This year she is home schooling and one of the projects that she is doing with her ten year old, Peyton is a Flat Peyton project.  If you know about Flat Stanley - same idea except this is Peyton because, well, he's Peyton!  When Corinne posted about the project on facebook asking for volunteers to 'host' Flat Peyton for a few days we jumped at the opportunity.  Thursday afternoon, Flat Peyton finally arrived in our mail box and the kids were thrilled to get to spend a few days with him.

Yesterday afternoon, knowing about all the Trick or Treating we were going to be doing today we decked out Flat Peyton in his own Halloween costume.  The kids decided he should be a ghost.  Okay by me since I though I could swing a ghost costume fairly easily ;-)  All ready to trick or treat, we headed out on our adventures today.

We started our morning off trick or treating at Home Depot.  Since my kiddos go there every month for the build a project (to the point that the Home Depot staff knows my kids - truly a bit scary) we knew we had to at least stop by and show off our costumes.  While we were a little disappointed at the disorganization of the event it made the kids happy.  After a broken Tinkerbell wing that required a stop to get a new set (Totally my fault, not hers!) we set off to Our Lady of Sorrows (Noah's school and our Church) for their first ever trunk or treat.

We are familiar with the idea of trunk or treat because it seemed that was all anyone did in Florida. I have to say, though, that OLS did an AWESOME job organizing this.  There were 40+ decked out cars with some VERY generous candy distributors (we're talking whole candy bar generous).  After you were done outside, in the gym they had hot dogs, chips, etc and Noah and Kayla's favorite part - a caramel apple decorating station.  This Mama fortunately remembered the email saying to bring your own apples on the way out the door which led to two very happy Gatchel children chowing down on some very gooey apples.  I don't know the last time I saw an apple disappear so quickly.

After a quick stop back at the house to dump out the candy bags (and let Grant and I grab some not so sugar laden lunch) we went to downtown Farmington Hills where they had a haunted farmers market and all of the local businesses had trick or treating.  It was great - tons of kiddos!  Plus treking all over downtown wore out the two minis so they slept hard this afternoon.  As a special Halloween treat (as if they needed any more!) Grant took them here a little while ago to see "Paranorman" at the Plymouth movie theater.  I can only imagine how hard they're going to crash tonight.

Tomorrow we (including Flat Peyton) are all off to Fremont to trick or treat at Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley's, hang out with Grandma and Papa and maybe do Fremont trick or treat.  I've already promised all their candy to Uncle Scott if they do as we don't have room for any more here!   Until tomorrow...

Noah, Kayla and Flat Peyton at Home Depot

 Flat Peyton 'rode' with Mikayla during Trunk or Treat (not sure if you can make it out, but he is nestled in her wings there)

 Trunk or Treat!

 Dipping Kayla's apple

 Noah's creation - I believe he had M&M's, potato chips and chocolate corn flakes

 Mikayla's apple had popcorn, potato chips and chocolate corn flakes


 Think he enjoyed it?

 Flat Peyton rides again!

 This was at Coldstone (one of the trick or treat stops) where not only did they get candy, but coupons for a free ice cream!

 Flat Peyton wanted some coldstone, too

 Noah, Mikayla and Flat Peyton at the apple statue in downtown Farmington Hills, Michigan

 These were our favorite costumes of the day

This was the stash AFTER I went through it and took out the things they couldn't have...

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  1. We love it! Thanks to all the Gatchel's for being such great hosts!! (Also, I think you're a super mom too!)