Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An Eve Full of Nog

Yesterday Grant and I ventured out in the crowds so I could get a fun new outfit for Christmas Even mass today with my family.  I found the cutest dress and was so excited.  I even picked up some hair color (Grant picked the color!), a cute nail polish and took the extra time this morning to 'get beautiful'  It is so rare that I spend the extra time.  So heading out the door this morning with legs that were actually shaved (hehehe), eyebrows that were plucked, nails that were painted, hair that had been colored and styled, a face done up completely and looking gorgeous in a new outfit I was excited to head off to the 'Mont and go to Christmas Eve mass with the whole family.

Within 30 minutes of arriving in Fremont I was decked out in my Christmas PJ's, cuddling my now sick baby girl instead.  Apparently Noah is well on the road to recovery with what was diagnosed as bronchitis yesterday but he in the meantime had shared his germs with his sister.  So while everyone else trooped off to Church this afternoon the Bean and I cuddled and watched "The Little Mermaid" and then some Mickey Mouse Christmas cartoons.  And yes, I was disappointed, but honestly those were also two of the best hours I've had lately.  Yet another reminder that plans can be made but they don't always go exactly as expected.

So after Church we had Christmas Eve dinner complete with today's celebratory food - Egg Nog!  I do enjoy egg nog and actually found pumpkin egg nog to try out.  Also a egg nog caramel candy that was fabulous!  After dinner Mikayla put out the reindeer food she made at school (oats with glitter in it sprinkled on the lawn to attract the reindeer) and we of course put out cookies for Santa and fruit loops for the reindeer.  Now my twosome is tucked into bed, though I can't guarantee they are actually sleeping.  They've been reminded that Santa only stops after they are sound asleep.

Looking forward to the marathon that is the Kosakowski Christmas tomorrow.  Merry Christmas, all!

Egg Nog Caramels

 Happy National Egg Nog Day!

 The Bean and I ready to watch Little Mermaid

 Noah and Aunt Shell at Church

 Bean with her reindeer food

 Noah decided he needed to photo bomb Kayla

 Spreading the reindeer food

 Setting out the cookies

 Reading a book with Grandma before bed

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