Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Champagne Dreams

Happy National Champagne Day!

(And with that - I'VE DONE IT!!!!!!)

I can't believe that I actually followed through aaaalllll year and finished this project.  And no, the irony of a recovering anorexic doing a year long project to celebrate food is not lost on me.  It's been pretty apparent from the get go, thank you very much :-p  Over the next few days I plan on doing some looking back and sharing my favorite and least favorite celebrations, but for now I'm must going to revel in the fact that I did it.

In the meantime, Happy New Year's Eve!  We've been celebrating here all day and will continue to do so tonight.  And I haven't handed out the actual prizes (so no pictures at this point) but we will be awarding the following 2013 Gatchel awards this evening:

Mama's Favorite Sidekick: Mikayla (because let's face it, this year she's been my shadow!)
Biggest Steps:  Noah (all the first my little man's accomplished this year - starting kindergarten, learning how to ride a bike, riding a bike, reading his first book all by himself (which he and I did together today.  And it was not an easy book, trust me))
Excellence in the Culinary Arts: Kristi (duh)
Advancements in Literary Awareness:  Grant (I don't know how many books he's read to the two of them this year, or how many books he tracked down for them at the library, but kudos to my hubby for instilling quite the love of books in our twosome)

I'm off now to enjoy our celebrations, hope that you all stay safe and enjoy your New Year however you chose to celebrate.  Here's to 2014!  Much love and wishes for peace and joy from all of us!

Finally put together Mikayla's Ariel puzzle

 We got a package

 Scorpion suckers!

 Wow, cool presents from Aunt Mary, Rebecca and Adam!  Thanks so much :)

 New Year's Eve, Gatchel style!

 (Mock) Champagne

 Which we of course enjoyed in our glasses we made yesterday

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  1. Great puzzle!! Scorpians? Love the sun glasses. Happy New Year!!!!