Sunday, December 1, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Well, we're safely back in the Hills.  We made it back mid-afternoon after a full morning of going to chop down the Kosakowski (and Singer!) Family Christmas Tree.  Back in November the Kosakowski and Singer clans had gone off to Steinberger Christmas Tree farm in Fremont (Family Trivia:  Two of the four Kosakowski kids actually worked at the Christmas Tree farm in high school.) to tag the perfect trees.  Then this morning we all got to go and find the tree again and watch it actually be cut down and then bring it back home.

I'm envious of them actually having a real tree.  We are never sure where we are going to be when around the holidays and it makes me nervous to leave a tree unattended for a few days, so we've always just had a fake tree.  But the smell and the sight of a real tree is one of the best parts of Christmas.  I was so glad that the kiddos got to go and experience what its like to cut down a real tree.

We were only able to stay long enough to get the lights on the tree (how many grown males does it take to put lights on a tree???) and for the kiddos to hang a few ornaments before we had to head out.  After being gone for a few days it was necessary for us to get back, get some laundry done and give the kiddos a chance to re-adjust a bit.  I adore the fact that they get to spend time with my parents and siblings but it is definitely a different atmosphere than it is here on a school night :-p

In other news, Happy National Pie Day!  I have to admit I'm kind of pied out.  So instead of making dessert tonight, I had made and froze an awesome chicken pot pie for tonight's dinner.  This was different than I usually make it, but the crust was awesome and there was barely enough leftovers for Grant to have for lunch tomorrow.  Success :)

So, back to the hum drum tomorrow.  Noah's back to school, Kayla and I have plenty of errands to run and it's fritters day!  So until then...

A long walk to the Singer's tree

 Mikayla ran laps around Aunt Shell's tree until the guys got there with the chain saw

 Everyone riding the wagon back to the front

 Grandma, the Bean and Aunt Shell

 Aunt Sarah and Noah

 One really big tree

 Well, it's standing!

 The correct answer is that it takes 5 fully grown males to put up the lights

 Grandma and Kayla start putting up the ornaments

 Chicken Pot Pie


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