Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We just got back from a trek through the Oakland County Lightfest :)  How much fun!  It is apparently the longest drive thru light display in North America.  This is the third year we've gone and it never fails to disappoint.  They added a few new displays this year that had Grant asking if he could try his hand at it for our house.  Sure dear, be my guest ;-)

In other news, Happy National Lager Day!  This one worked out pretty well because for his birthday, I had enrolled Grant in a "Beer of the Month" club and his last shipment just so happened to include a Wisconsin Amber Lager that I used in a recipe tonight.  I made beer glazed brats that Grant especially enjoyed.  I'm thinking though, after the kind of crummy day both of us have had, that we might just break out the straight lager after I finish posting tonight.  Both kiddos got in trouble at school today and while I am partially willing to chalk it up to the excitement of the time of the year, with Noah especially I am getting really frustrated with his behavior at school.  This is the third note home in less than a week!  Ugghhh...

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.  Fritter party with some of the girls from MOPS in the morning and I have to make princess wands and mini strawberry muffins for the Bean for her birthday celebration at school on Thursday.  Plus tomorrow is Noodle Ring Day.  (Don't worry, I didn't know what it was either 'til I looked it up.)  So until then...

Last night we 'sent' their letters to Santa.  I know I said we were going to do it in the fireplace but complications arose.  I went with plan B and am lucky I still have eyebrows.  They were happy, though!

 One silly little snowflake

 Simmering the brats

All that sauce cooked down to this - yum!

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