Monday, December 30, 2013

Bicarbonate Perfection

Well, it took the National Food people a whole year, but they finally came up with something you really can't eat.  At least not on its own.  I mean, I guess you could - but why?  And sure, it's great and super handy to have around when you're baking but I was blown away by the amount of non-food related uses for today's food - baking soda!

So Happy National Bicarbonate of Soda Day!  (Yep, baking soda to all of us common folk)  Don't believe me about other uses?  Check out these two sites and have at 'em!

Who knew??  So in addition to using some baking soda in baking I was doing today we had to try out a couple of the alternate uses.  The kids were in 7th Heaven!  Noah has said he wants to stay home forever.  May never get him to go back to school.  We used the baking soda to to give them both some pretty fabulous foot soaks.  And not to go half way, it was a like a mini spa treatment complete with Shirley Temples to relax with, my little mini massager on their shoulders, a foot rub and lotion by the Mama and even some fresh color on the Bean's toes.  Oh yeah, spoiled rotten.

We also had a ton of fun getting ready for tomorrow's celebration (Champagne!  Apparently not even the food people could overlook this obvious one) by creating our own customized glasses for tomorrow night.  Can't wait to try them out :)

Right now we're chilling with Lilo and Stitch and some food of the gods (chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks, a throw back to Grant's childhood) for the evening.  We're all still recovering on some level, though everyone definitely seems to be on the mend at this point.  Though I have to say that if I never blow my nose again it will be too soon.  Off to enjoy my night.  Can't believe our big celebratory year will officially be over tomorrow.  So surreal.  Until then...

I made egg nog donut muffins (they had baking soda in them!)

 Noah enjoying his foot soak

 The Bean works on her champagne glass for tomorrow night

 Soaking away

 The Bean's new color (might have to borrow this one myself!)

 Our finished glasses ready for baking

 Hmmmm, wonder who's responsible for this one...

Baked and ready for tomorrow

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