Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cookie Time!

It's been such a great day so far and I've had such a fun time that I wanted to get this post up earlier than usual to share our cookie festivities!  So...

Happy National Cookie Day!  and  Happy National Cookie Cutter Week!  Who doesn't love to make cut-out cookies?  They are definitely a favorite around here and we were so glad to have Alexis here to join us and then got an assist on the decorating with Alyson and Josh.  I think it's safe to say everyone had a good time :)

Special thanks to Tess and Keith for sharing Alexis with us today and to Alyson for coming and hanging out and reminding me how thankful I am for the people who have more recently been brought into my life.

Sacher Torte tomorrow along with MOPS, a PTA Board meeting and the Sound of Music live!  (Carrie Underwood as Maria - brilliant!)  Until then...

Two adorable helpers

 They were literally jumping up and down they were so excited

 Alexis rolling out the dough

 Then the Bean

 Cutting out the perfect shapes

 Rolling balls for twisty cookies, too

 They of course had to take a break to try out their creations 

 Time to decorate!

 These are the twisty ones we made

 Alexis, Mikayla, Alyson and Josh decorate away

 In process

 The most beautiful frosted cookies I have ever seen

 Have to try out the frosted ones, too!  Along with some hot chocolate, of course

The girls did such a good job this morning they got to have a yummy lunch and watch an episode of Sofia the First

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