Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cocoa Daze

Dear roller coaster ride that has been my life this week - I'd like to get off now.  I'd like to slam on the emergency breaks, stop dead on the tracks, unbuckle my safety harness and walk away from you for a little while.  Not forever, mind you.  Just long enough for my head to stop spinning, my stomach to regain control of itself and for my breath to stop coming in ragged little gasps.  It's really hard for me to be effective at anything when I'm like this so I'd really like to just stop for awhile.  K? Are we cool with that?

I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time in Noah's classroom this morning helping out.  Was so glad to be able to finally see him 'in action'  I missed out on the opportunity to be in his class when he was in pre-school because I had the Bean all the time, so this was my first chance to watch him learn.  I was delighted to see him interact with his classmates, it was apparent that he's made a lot of friends and works well with others.  Super proud of my kiddo.

Can't go into things with Kayla today.  She's got me questioning my "Mom Skills" which is never a pleasant feeling.  I'm doing my best to chalk it up to a combination of the holidays, her birthday, a visit from Grandpa Gary this weekend and just being three, but she is really straining my limits.  I'm not even at an angry stage with her - just disappointed and utterly exasperated.  I know she knows better, I know this is not how she usually is and I have tried everything every which way and nothing I'm doing seems to be making any kind of impact.  God willing Saturday morning when she wakes up as a four year old the true terror that is three (two doesn't even hold a candle, seriously) will be over and we'll have moved on.

In other news, Happy National Cocoa Day.  Seems a good day for it as I think the temperature maxed out at 11 degrees today - brrrrr!

Have a special outing planning with the Bean tomorrow and then Grandpa Gary arrives sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening for a birthday weekend.  So until then...

Got the Christmas shirts done last night - one more thing to check off the list :)

 Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats

 Noah has taken to brushing Bella quite often now, not sure who enjoys this the most

 Hot Cocoa made with chocolate milk for the extra kick

Hot Cocoa Pancakes for dinner

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