Monday, December 9, 2013

Pasted Together

If there's one thing I've learned from this whole project of mine it's that sometimes you have to let the pros do their thing.  I consider myself fairly well skilled in the kitchen.  There's not too much that I'm not willing to at least try my hand at.  I mean, I nailed Baked Alaska, right?  But pastries, yeah should probably just the the pros tackle that one.  At least the dessert pastries, today.  I did make a pretty spectacular 'puff' from scratch that we filled with chicken salad for dinner, though.  Regardless, Happy National Pastry Day!

It's otherwise been a fairly normal Monday around here.  We did get about an inch of snow overnight, but to the delight of my twosome who were thrilled to wear their boots to the bus and leave lots of prints in the fresh snow.  The roads weren't too awful (though someone has to do something about the stop sign at the "Y" intersection coming into our neighborhood.  Everything else gets plowed except that and it is dangerous!) and Kayla and I did manage to get out to do all the grocery shopping this morning.

Keeping this short as here as soon as Thing 1 and Thing 2 make it out of the tub we are going to have a fire in the fireplace and 'send' their letters to Santa that way.  (They are in awe of the idea that if they toss their letters in the fire the words will fly up the chimney and go directly to Santa - getting it there sooner than regular mail.)  Should be fun.  Lager tomorrow!  Until then...

My 'puffs'

 Kayla ready to battle the snow to get Noah off the bus

 Proof they were hollow on the inside 

 Chicken Salad Puffs for dinner

 Maple Pecan Bear Claw

Caramel Apple Danish (the clear winner in tonight's pastry battle)

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