Saturday, December 7, 2013

Candy is Dandy

 What a great Saturday we've had.  Not only was it productive (because we have lots of projects and things we want to get done before Christmas and we're running out of time for just the four of us to do them) but we had a lot of fun.

Grant and the kids went to the Home Depot build this morning and made some minion game as a project (it was still wet and needed stickers when they got home.  Don't think it's quite finished yet) and picked out their shirts for our Christmas PJ's so we could get those started tonight.  I stayed home and wrapped presents.  And wrapped.  And wrapped.  And wrapped.  (Not one of my favorite Christmas jobs, I'll admit)

Then after a quick lunch Noah and I headed downtown for Holly Days (was supposed to be all four of us but Mikayla had other ideas...)  We went to the theater and saw the Ice Age Christmas special then headed over for hot chocolate, a craft and story time with Mrs. Claus.  After the kiddos caught an hour snooze we started some of our crafting and I am so proud of them!  I am giddy over the way a couple of these things have come together (Isn't it nice when the picture in your head matches the end result?)  Plus I was able to pin Noah down on a couple of outstanding issues, Mikayla decided on her birthday treats and dinner and I got quite a few things checked off my to-do list.  Currently both kiddos are snoozing while Grant and I cheer on Sparty!

In other news, Happy National Cotton Candy Day!  We've already celebrated this one once before, remember?   This time I tried my hand at making some cotton candy cookies.  They were kind of fun - I used the mix-in packet that Duncan Hines has for their frostings in my cookie dough and added a little of the syrup from my recipe this summer.  They are very light and spongy and the most delightful shade of blue.  Everyone here liked them, but I don't think that I'll be running out to make them right away.

Thinking that tomorrow looks very similar to today though rumor has it the kiddos have some shopping they need to finish up yet so we'll see.  Plus, all you chocolate lovers take note, it's chocolate brownies day!  Until then...

Cotton Candy Cookies

 Noah and I at the movies

 Favorite Little Boy - Hands Down

 Crafting away

 Mikayla working on some of her projects for Christmas

 Noah, too

 Aren't these beautiful?  Super easy!

 Grant works with the twosome 

 Hmmm, is that a Mikayla foot I see???

 Noah and I working on getting hand prints on our Christmas PJ's

Finished ornaments!

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