Friday, December 13, 2013

Birthday Bean Surprise!

Back in May, for his birthday, I took Noah to a Tigers game, just the two of us.  I decided to start a tradition of doing something super special just me and the kiddo for their birthday.  Today was Mikayla's turn!

I surprised her this morning with a trip to Build-A-Bear at the Somerset Collection Mall (where I'd never been and now really really want to go back to!) and then a trip to Noodles & Co. for lunch for the best mac & cheese ever.  We had a blast, she was so surprised!  Happy Birthday, Bean!

She got her own birthday sticker when we got there

 Making decision about what we wanted her animal to be like (she chose cute, sparkly and happy)

 Peaches pre-stuffing

 I think she would have been happy leaving at this point she was so excited

 Stuffing Peaches

 Giving Peaches a bath

 All done!

 We had to stop at the candy store for some butterfly and turtle gummies

 Peaches and the Bean ready to go to lunch

 Wisconsin Mac & Cheese - doesn't get any better than this (She also got to mix her own soda from their cool machine.  We tried Vanilla Ginger Ale and then Peach Sprite)

 Me and my favorite little girl (Peaches, too!)

There was a "Just Baked" store next door so of course we had to stop in.  Thought she'd pick a cupcake but she went right for a snickerdoodle cookie

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  1. Well to the world, Peaches Gatchel. She's adorable!