Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bean!

Four years ago today God blessed the Gatchel family with a little girl - Mikayla Elizabeth.  Every day since then I have thanked Him for the miracle that is Mikayla.  As we celebrated her today I found myself thinking of how much has changed over the past four years and how far we've all come (physically, mentally, emotionally, pick one!)  Hard to believe she's four...

I'll let the pictures speak for our day, no need for me to ramble.  Also, make sure to go back and check out yesterday's post as I added some pictures from last night.

Oh, and I didn't forget - Happy National Bouillabaisse Day.  Bouillabaisse is a french fish stew, which I have no doubt that the Bean would have loved given her infatuation with seafood, but she specifically requested a meal comprised on mac & cheese, kiwi, corn and fluffy biscuits so we skipped out today.

Heading to Toledo tomorrow for a birthday celebration for the Bean and Scott.  And it's cupcake day!  Until then...

Reindeer for breakfast :)

Snowmean, too!

Had to crown the princess and sing to her first thing this morning

Off to the mall to see Santa

And check out the ice palace

The Little Princess with a Big Princess

So we got some snow.  A lot of snow - at least 6 inches.  We of course had to play!

Real ballet slippers from Uncle Keith!

She loves them, Keith.  She is convinced she is now a ballerina and had to show us immediately how she can dance on her toes

Lots of fun activity books from Grandpa Gary

Cinderella Barbie from Noah

Think she likes it?

Tinkerbell and Snoopy from Mom & Dad

Her very own nail kit made by the Mama

Ariel PJ's!

Princess cupcake game from Uncle Arthur & Aunt Kristina

Noah got her the wand and headband, too

Her request this year - funfetti cupcakes with pink icing, pink sprinkles and topped with Ariel.  I am to please

This may be my favorite picture from the whole day

She did get them all blown out eventually - Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. Snow angels!! Beautiful gifts. Ballerina shoes!! How fun is that?