Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ring around the noodle

Been in a funk today.  Not sure what my issue is.  OK, not completely true, know a little bit of what my issue is, but I thought my fritter party this morning would chase the blues away and have things looking right as rain.

And it did, for awhile.  I really (like usual) enjoy having everyone over.  I love my friends and sharing my home (and Amber's tasty treats!) with them.  Blues chased but then back when everyone left.

Then my friend Jen came over for awhile and the blues went away again.  Man am I blessed with awesome friends!  Not only did she bring me the most fabulous present EVER but she helped me create the perfect princess wands for the Bean's birthday treat for school tomorrow.

But my blahs crept back in this afternoon while I was toiling away at the office.  And I got a shot in the arm from my sister from another mister and co-worker, Beth.  Have I mentioned that I have some amazing people in my life?  People who cheer me on and up when I'm having a hard time doing so myself.

Still kind of fighting the funk tonight, but reflecting on all the people who are on my side helps.  I keep reminding myself that life is a daily, minutely, secondly at some times battle and to just keep fighting the good fight.  I'm ready for today to be done but am determined to make tomorrow better.

In the meantime....

Happy National Noodle Ring Day!  And to quote "For those who do not know, a noodle ring is a dish made by mixing eggs and noodles together with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and cheese and then putting the ingredients into a ring mold to bake."

So of course had to try my hand at it.  I thought it sounded awful but surprisingly enough it went over fairly well here tonight.   I'm looking much more forward myself to tomorrow - Cocoa!  Until then..

Fabulous Fritters

 The kiddos sampling the sweets

 Playing in the play room

 The Moms and the tinier tots

 They were in the papasan telling each other stories

 Mikayla's Princess wands for her treat

 Jen had this made for me - love it!

 Noah got home and was pretending to be a scientist by measuring things

 Noodle ring ready to be plated

It worked!

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