Saturday, December 28, 2013

Super Saturday

When thinking up a post for today's blog I had to stop and try to figure out what day it is.  Is anyone else out there as messed up as I am as to what day it actually is?  The fact that we've done a whole buncha nothing and gone a whole buncha nowhere has only added to the confusion.  Though let me tell ya - best Saturday in a looonnnngggg time at the Gatchel's :)

I think we've done a little bit of everything - Mikayla and I played spa, Noah and Grant built a car, I've played Princess Go Fish, Grant's played Angry Birds Go, the kiddos and Grant made a trip to the library, we all played the seek and find Disney game the kids got before Christmas (LOVE this game as it really encourages everyone to play as a TEAM.  To win ALL the players have to finish.  Super fun!), we made chocolates and jello and mini English muffin pizzas, we learned about the phases of the moon, I got the map on the wall for the state project, I had a genius idea for how to organize the Bean's head bands, we watched the Brave Little Toaster and are currently watching the Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.  Not sure we could have fit in anything else in if we tried but none of it has been rushed or forced or hurried.  We've all done what we wanted, when we wanted to do it and just enjoyed hanging.  I'm thinking we just need to shut down and have a stay-cation weekend at least once a month from now on.  Everyone but Grant seems to be on the mend and we're hoping he's doing better soon  I'm seeing more fun and relaxing tomorrow!

Happy National Chocolate Candy Day, by the way.  We did an impromptu Kid Kitchen this morning where my twosome helped me make some chocolate peanut butter marshmallow candy.

Like I said, more chilling tomorrow.  And pepper pots!  Until then...

We love these PJ's Aunt Sarah!

 Making Michigan jello jigglers

 Mikayla counted out 3 marshmallows for every candy

 I told them they could lick the spoons when we were finished - think Noah was excited?

 Mikayla gave me a pedicure

 The finished product

 She got a mani and a pedi

 Chocolate candies set and ready to try out

 mmmm, marshmallow!

 Maps up!

 All the kids wanted to get Grant for Christmas was a new car.  This is as far as my budget could stretch on that one...

 Re-purposing oatmeal containers to use for the Bean's headbands

 Noah making his pizza

 The Bean, too

 Trying out the moon light from Uncle Arthur, Aunt Kristina and Lillian

 Yum, pizza!

My very cool duck tea infuser going for a swim - Thanks Sar :)

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