Thursday, December 5, 2013

Torte Panic

So something happened to me this morning that I had to share with in an early post today.  Talk about a way to make any mom PANIC.

I'm at MOPS this morning and my phone has been going crazy with text messages back and forth as we had to reschedule the PTA board meeting today.  Which is embarrassing and distracting enough as it is.  My ONE morning to have to myself and my phone is a distraction.  Should have just put it away.  But after what happened next I'm glad I didn't.

This time my phone actually rings.  (OK, I did have it on vibrate at this point, but you know what I mean.)  And the ID says that it is Beechview.  Worried, I dash out into the hall to answer it.  It is Nancy from the office.  We exchange friendly greetings (she's a great lady!) and then she says "Some I'm calling to ask about Noah's absence today."

My heart stopped.  One hour earlier I had watched my little man climb on the bus.  He wasn't absent.

"Um, Noah's in school today.  I put him on the bus."

There is a pause.  A long heart wrenching pause.

"Well, his teacher has him listed as absent.  Let me put you on hold."

Cue two minutes of pure terror.  Where could he have been or gone?  Why the heck wouldn't he be in school?  Worst case scenarios dance through my brain as I listen to the muzak on the phone system.

She then picks up the phone and says "Oh, he rides Bus 13, doesn't he?"  I answer in the affirmative.  "Oh, it was late this morning.  He's here!  Apparently there's a sub in the class for the first hour and since he wasn't here right on time because of the bus she marked him as absent.  No worries!"

Relief.  Sheer and pure joy.  It took everything I had not to grab my keys and dash up to the school just to make sure she was right.

I so love that little boy.  (And my little girl, too!)

In other news - Happy National Sacher Torte Day!  If you're like me and have no clue what this actually is, it is a very rich chocolate torte that then has a layer of apricot preserves and another layer of chocolate.  I opted to turn mine into cookies for easier portability to MOPS and what I thought was going to be my board meeting today.  They are a chocolate thumbprint cookie (made with pudding of all things!) and then filled with preserves and topped with a semi-sweet chocolate glaze.

Alright, off to continue to tackle the world today.  And be thankful for my twosome.  Don't forget to leave your shoes out tonight as it is St. Nick's Day tomorrow!  And Gazpacho and Microwave Oven Day.  So until then...

Sacher Torte Cookies

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