Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pots o' Pepper

My teams both lost.  Football season on both a college and professional level is officially at an end at the Gatchel's, which I have mixed feelings about.  OK, sure, we will be watching the Bowl Games over the next weeks and then the play-offs but it's not like I have a real vested interest in any of it.  I'm especially let down by the Lions who showed so much promise at the start of the season and then, it seems, pretty much gave up.  Guess as a Lions fan you come to expect that, but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

We've had another day of chilling and relaxing.  I made some major progress on the state project stuff and am starting to get really excited.  We don't officially kick off until next Monday (we start with Alabama!) but the bare bones of the project are up and ready for action.  The kids are quite taken with the map and keep asking when we're going to start.  I told them we've got a couple more food days first ;-)

Speaking of food days, Happy National Pepper Pot Day!  If you're like me, you have no idea what a pepper pot actually is.  Have no fear, wikipedia is here:  And since I didn't have any beef tripe lying around, I stumbled across a recipe for a pepper pot casserole that seemed to suffice in a pinch.  Everyone here raved and I've been asked to save the recipe.  Well OK then, pepper pot celebrated.

Kind of back to normal, but not really, tomorrow.  I mean, it's Monday, but I'm pretty sure Grant's not going in to work (he's still battling whatever it is we all have and there's nothing super pressing he needs to tackle, so we'll enjoy his company for a few more days) and I doubt we'll be headed out anywhere.  Both kiddos are still coughing with yucky noses so I'd rather just keep them in and recuperating for awhile yet.  Bicarbonate Soda tomorrow :-p  Until then...

Trying out the new play-doh (it's really cool, Mom.  Much softer than regular play-doh and no kinda funky smell)

 More progress on the state project

 The name of the state will obviously change weekly but the items in blue will stay and the answers will change

 Mikayla using her nail polish to decorate her cars

Pepper Pot Casserole

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