Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hot Date with some Nuts

Taking just a quick minute to post today.  Grant and I have been having a great time relaxing, catching up on some projects and getting things organized for the next week or so.  Grant didn't even roll out of bed 'til 10:45 this morning, so do you think he's enjoying his 'freedom'???  I know I am, I've been having fun playing in my kitchen, hanging with my hubby and making plans.  We also watched Moneyball last night - what a great movie!  Right now we're hoping the Lions get their act in gear better than they have thus far this game...

In the meantime, Happy National Date Nut Bread!  I took half a loaf to Fremont this morning and we sampled the other half here.  This kind had a 'secret' ingredient - fresh brewed coffee!

Alright, back to relaxing :)  Can't wait to share pfeffernusse tomorrow!  Until then...

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