Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cookies in the 'Mont

Last night I was worried that Mother Nature was going to get her claws in things and turn the world on its ear and screw up plans yet again.  Apparently things are going to get a little dicey around here overnight - as in up to an inch of ice coating the Hills.  And earlier in the week they were saying it was going to wait until overnight to get bad but they've been slowly upping the estimate to where Oakland County was under a Winter Weather Warning starting at 1pm.  My Dad even called bright and early this morning and offered to meet me and the kiddos in Toledo since he was going to be heading that way anyway but I really didn't want to miss out on making at least some cookies and being able to celebrate Scott and Kayla's birthdays.

So the kiddos and I left very early this morning and drove without any problems (lots of rain!) to Fremont.  I was able to stay for a few hours (and would have stayed longer) until my Mom insisted that I get back on the road for home.  I'm glad to say that I didn't have any problems making it back - other than it just being draining.  It poured the entire way which is a bit of a challenge on 75 going 70+ mph with all those semis.  No ice yet (we're just about to the freezing point now) but I'm sure it's on its way.

There was so much going on I don't think we actually finished any cookies while I was there, but there were plans in the works for peanut butter sandwich cookies (my faves covered in white chocolate!), oreo truffle balls, gingerbread cookies (Aunt Shell you were such a trooper!), cut-outs, candy cane kiss pretzels and magic cookie bars I think.  Bummed I'll miss out on the decorating as mixing up the frosting colors is one of my favorite things to do every year.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

In the meantime, Happy National Kiwi Day!  This was an easy one to celebrate as kiwi is one of the Bean's faves and made a perfect go-with for her lunch celebration.  I was also around for her to open her presents and when I was leaving there were plans in the works to watch "The Little Mermaid" this afternoon (thanks Uncle Scott!) with her newest addition - Camille the Cabbage Patch baby! (Thanks Grandma and Papa!) She also got some really cute clothes from Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley along with the perfect Super Girl towel.  Now she and Noah will BOTH have one (well, Noah's is Superman, but you got the idea).

Grant and I are looking forward to a couple of days "off" and with the ice have no intention of leaving the house tomorrow at least.  We stocked up on some movies, have a few projects to keep us occupied and plan on just enjoying each other's company.  In Fremont I hear there's ice skating tonight, Barry's movie (Despicable Me) with Aunt Shell and ALL the minions tomorrow followed by some bowling.  I've been promised pictures from skating tonight via facebook so maybe I'll try to post the link tomorrow.  So until then...

Noah really enjoyed smashing the oreos for the truffles

 Aunt Shell was not having much luck rolling out the gingerbread dough

 One happy munchkin

 Cutting out gingerbread men

 Noah and Grandma took over

 Happy National Kiwi Day!

 We managed to plow through the whole plate at lunch time!

 Opening birthday presents

 Much love and thanks to a bearded Uncle Scott (Who, total side note, I am thrilled to report did AWESOME his first semester and has been invited to going the Bowling Green Honor Society!)

 Mikayla opening her Cabbage Patch doll (I totally had one when I was little...)

 So many fun clothes

 Mikayla and Camille

Trying out her new towel

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