Tuesday, December 3, 2013

American as Apple Pie

 This morning I got to spend a few eventful hours helping out in Mikayla's class.  God must have heard my prayers because this time there was no activities involving scissors for me to have to help with :-p  I had a great time - the kids are so much fun and I love to watch Mikayla learn and interact with the others.  So glad that we found an amazing pre-school for both the kiddos to attend at Our Lady of Sorrows.

Otherwise it's been another busy day filled with activities and shopping for the most part.  As of right now I am *almost* finished!  And I have ideas for each of the things I have left I just have to track them down.  I have discovered online shopping this year with the assistance of my amazon prime account (free shipping rules!) and am making the most of that as well.

Happy National Apple Pie Day!  I'm a little burnt out on making pies lately (have you noticed how many pies have been in the last week alone.  Let me tell you 4!) so I got creative.  We had apple pie smoothies and apple pie pancakes for dinner tonight.  Both were a hit - especially the pancakes.  Dinner disappeared in under 20 minutes here - a surefire hit!

Tomorrow is Cookies and this week is Cookie Cutter Week so in honor of that, the Bean and I, along with an assist from Tess' daughter, Alexis who is going to be hanging with us for the day are going to be making cut-out cookies tomorrow!  Should be fun :)  Until then...

Today their 'chore' from their Advent calendar was to play with and brush Bella - not sure who enjoyed this the most :) (Sorry about the blur, but it's hard enough trying to convince Thing 1 and Thing 2 to stop moving let alone Bella!)

 Bella was seriously living up the attention

 Apple Pie Smoothies

 Apple Pie Pancakes

Can you see the pieces of apple? Yum!

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