Friday, December 13, 2013

Grandpa Gary Arrives!

 I wanted to put a quick note up to say that Grandpa Gary arrived safely, we had yet another major drama filled episode with the Bean and then we celebrated Christmas with the Gatchel crew this evening.  And while I don't have any pictures from it, Happy National Ice Cream and Violins Day!  (OK, I don't know how they connect at all either.  Chocolate and violins I could maybe see the romance thing, but ice cream?)  We had ice cream sundaes after dinner tonight so I suppose we've got it covered.

Big Birthday tomorrow!  Until then...

Grandpa Gary opening his ornaments they made

Clothes from Aunt Sally

Which she of course had to try on right away 

Hot Wheels track for the wall - how cool!


Grandma Minna came through on the pink turtle!

Lots of hair goodies from Uncle Keith

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