Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas one big whirlwind as usual.  As I mentioned, the Bean was sick starting on Tuesday, both kiddos seemed to be on the mend yesterday but as of this morning I've seem to come down with it and Grant says he's not feeling 100% either.  So all the germs out there have made things quite interesting.

But back to yesterday...

Like usual there is no other word except EPIC to describe Christmas at the Kosakowski House.  The present marathon this year literally spanned 3 meals.  Santa visited, stockings were opened, Miss Cassandra joined us and we started at about 20 'til 11 yesterday morning.  And while we were taking somewhat frequent breaks to make sure the kiddos were staying hydrated and everyone was well fed, it was after 7pm when we were finally 'done.'  I would say that everyone was sufficiently spoiled.  Especially my twosome who will never need another thing to play with again.  The next time they whine at me about not having anything to do I honestly might lose it!  After the kiddos went to bed we did break out some of the games that people had gotten and stayed up quite late trying them out.

We did manage to get all the 'loot' home.  I ended up heading out mid-afternoon as I was really feeling under the weather and did not want to make the drive by myself in the dark.  Grant and the kids stayed a couple more hours to hang out and play and made it home a bit before 9 this evening.

We were supposed to have Grant's Mom and step-Dad in this weekend but apparently the germs have made their way to Illinois as well and they too aren't feeling that hot.  So Grant and I have decided that we're going to have a bit of a 'stay-cation' over the next few days, hanging out here in pj's, playing games, watching movies and playing with all the new toys.  I can't wait.  There seems to always be something we 'have' to do around here and it will be so nice not to and just enjoying each other.  Have to go rescue Bella from the doggy hotel in the morning and then make a quick grocery run and otherwise, we've got a whole lot of nothing to do.  Oh, except eat fruit cake.  But more on that tomorrow.  Hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas of their own!  Until tomorrow...

Santa's elves hard at work

The Bean's Santa stash

Noah's gifts

Waiting for the kiddos to come downstairs

Think there may be a few presents under the tree???

They arrive!

Wow, his very own Lightning McQueen luggage!


And Ariel, too

Obi One Kanobi joined us for awhile as well

Opening her first present from Grandma and Papa!

Her very own reclining movie chair!!!!

Hmm, wonder what Noah got?

Is this perfect or what?

Granmda got some Betty Boop pj's!

Ariel hanging out in her chair

Uncle Scott helps them open a present from the Minions

Hmm, what'd Uncle Dudley get?

A giant blow-up Peanuts Nativity for his front yard!  He was so excited :-p

Following in the footsteps of her techie Daddy, Mikayla got her first computer.

A really cool Hot Wheels track!

Miss Stephanie (Uncle Dudley's Mom) joined us, too and sure spoiled Thing 1 and Thing 2 with some very cool new pj's!

After yet another costume change (note they both are now wearing Minion shirts, which they got from the Minions) he opens something he's obviously pretty excited about

Another really cool Hot Wheels track!  (This one actually earned Uncle Dudley a huge hug)

Kayla got a Kitchen Aid mixer

OK, not really, it was a baby in a bathtub

Still at it...

Ice Skates!

"Oh my gosh, I so wanted this!" She FINALLY got the bow and arrow she had her eye on.  This Mama is not too sure how she feels about it, though to her credit Aunt Shell did issue some very strict guidelines for its use and took her out this afternoon to practice

Dad opening a chair

And another chair

How many does this make, Dad?

And a dart board

And a poker table - Mom got Dad a Man Cave!

Aunt Shell and Uncle Scott took Kayla out today to try out her bow and arrow

She's a natural!

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