Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

 Show of hands - who made it to midnight?  Grant and I both did, though we celebrated "Nine Year's Eve" with the kiddos.  It was fun, complete with a viewing of the ball dropping on 2013, another champagne toast, poppers and then 15 minutes watching some of the celebrations that had already occurred in other places around the world.  We were especially taken with the displays in Sydney and London.

Today has been yet another low key day, though we are trying to make it a little more normal.  Noah at least got dressed (think that we may never get Kayla out of PJ's again), I managed to completely strip all of the beds and remake them all so that we all start the New Year snuggling on clean sheets and blankets.  We also managed to find 'homes' for all the toys.  This has been slowly going on all week, though for the most part my house has been a disaster until today.  Still not clean by any stretch of the imagination but you can finally actually walk through the front room.  We also played a ton yet again, watched some football and felt warm and cozy inside as at least a good four inches of snow has already fallen here today.  I am beginning to think my twosome may be here with me again tomorrow as I have a feeling there might not be any school.

This morning both Noah and Kayla asked me at different points what National Food Day it was.  I told them both I didn't know and that we weren't doing that again this year.  Mikayla promptly burst into tears.  I guess I should be thankful they enjoyed (put up with) my goofiness.  They are really taken with the map, though, especially as I keep adding to and fleshing out the wall.  I am completely ready to celebrate Alabama starting on Monday, so excited!

So like I said, not too sure about tomorrow.  We're supposed to get another 1-3 inches of snow overnight, and Grant says it is really really light snow.  So if it starts blowing we might be in a world of hurt.  Either way it is to be bitter cold so I can't see us venturing too far.  Off to watch the end of the Rose Bowl - go Sparty!

My brave little monkey wanted her scorpion spider today

To her complete credit, she sucked on the sucker until part of the scorpion's claw was exposed before she'd decided she's had enough.  

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