Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cotton Candy Dreams

So today is National Cotton Candy Day.  And I did consider making my own cotton candy.  No, not with one of those goofy machines, because honestly, how often would I really use it, but you can apparently make it in your own kitchen 'easily'  Call me skeptical, but I wasn't buying the easy thing.  I was thinking big sugary mess in Kristi's kitchen.  Plus, it is also National Raspberry Cake day and Jump for Jelly Beans Day.  What was a girl to do.

Google to the rescue!  I set out to find a cotton candy inspired recipe that might not be quite as involved as spinning the fluffy confection myself.  And I struck pay dirt.  A long involved search caused me to stumble across a recipe for Cotton Candy Mousse.  And, lo and behold, the National Food gods were smiling on me, because the key ingredient in the recipe was Jelly Belly Cotton Candy sno cone syrup!  I could kill two national food holiday with one recipe!

On a total side note, if you see him, ask my Dad about Jelly Belly sno cone syrups.  Especially the blue ones.  And why you shouldn't allow a five year old to carry it through the grocery store.  Love you, LJ!

The mousse was a huge hit here, especially with Kayla who went cotton candy crazy over its delightful pink color.  I'd make it again for sure and I'd even experiment with the other flavors of sno cone syrup as it was really simple to whip together.

In order to avoid an overkill on the sweets department (other than lasagna I think we are celebrating all desserts this week...) I made a raspberry coffee cake that we enjoyed for breakfast this morning.  Grant took the rest with him to work and I swear the pan came back cleaner than when I filled it last night- they must have licked it clean.

In other news around here today, the kiddos and I headed to Plymouth for lunch and an outdoor concert.  It was overcast and threatening rain all morning but we decided to go and brave it anyway, as I wasn't sure if there was a contingency location in case of rain.  So glad we went!  They had it in beautiful Plymouth (I know I've mention Plymouth here a bunch.  Love that little town!) at their pavilion and it was CRAZY PACKED!  There had to be at least 500 people, no joke!  The band was The Kerfluffles, and Noah, Kayla and I all really enjoyed them.  They had fun songs about everything from the brontosaurus that lives in my dad's nose (which is why he snores) to one about Mom's can do almost everything (this was my favorite).  And they had a really great keyboardist!  We found out that next week there is going to be a magician so Noah is already counting down the days.

And in case you need a laugh...  Thing 1 and Thing 2 have taken to playing "The Quiet Game" at random times.  So this morning, we're out for a walk in Charlie when they decide to start playing.  The game usually consists of Noah saying they're playing, Mikayla bursting into giggles 12 seconds later and Noah telling her she's out.  Then they start again.  Not really too much quiet, but it keeps them occupied and not fighting which works for me.  So this morning, they're playing and I suddenly hear Noah say "I think that whoever wins the Quiet Game is actually the loser."  Crap, foiled by a five year old!  He wasn't supposed to figure that out for at least another two or three years.  He then goes on to say "I think the Noisy Game is so much cooler" which is then followed by both of them shouting at the top of their lungs.  Hmmm, perhaps back to the drawing board for acceptable games for my twosome...

As long as we keep the rain away, hoping to head to Inglenook Park tomorrow for awhile and we'll celebrate yet another dessert with Raspberry Cream Pie (I just pulled it out of the oven, it smells divine, so we'll see)  But until then...

Raspberry Coffee Cake

 Noah and Kayla ready for the concert in Plymouth

 We were near the middle, so there was at least this many people behind us, too

 Enjoying the Kerfluffles

 Mikayla has decided this is the prettiest pink ever

Cotton Candy Mousse

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