Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Noah visits the Dentist

Noah's class had a field trip at the dentist's office today. Grant took him, so I'm not too sure what all the pictures are of. I will try to have Grant add some comments here later today :)

Station 1: Introduction to the magic chair with the cool water squirting tools

Noah's target practice...

Station 2: Fast-drying hand molds

Station 3: painting with toothbrushes

Doing some "Simon says" while waiting patiently

Station 4: Learning proper brushing techniques from a "funky monkey" and some huge chompers

Station 5: Making X-Rays (of smiley faces)

Station 6: Noah gets his initials written with some fun glue and a cool blue light

Snack-time = donuts

After-party at McD's

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