Friday, September 20, 2013

Puddle Jumpers

I just got back inside from an adventure.  Complete with its own theme song.  Oh yes, tonight was:

 "The Adventures of Super Puddle Splash Girl 
and her Super Puddle Splash Mom"

With a song that goes a little like this: (this was all Mikayla's creation)

Going on a puddle hunt!
Gonna find a big one
So I can jump in it 
And make a big splash!

Have I mentioned lately that there truly is never a dull moment around here?  Our epic adventure came after a day that consisted no less than four 'costume' changes from Mikayla, a storytime celebrating pirates, a trek to hunt down red bananas, and some awesome Rum Punch Chicken.  Thank goodness its Friday, I don't think I could take much more excitement this week!

So Happy National Rum Punch Day!  As I mentioned yesterday I really struggled finding a way to be able to share this one with the kiddos.  I finally had to create something on my own.  So I made some very delicious Caribbean Rum Punch and used part of it to marinate some chicken breasts in.  I then made up some island rice, complete with pineapple and mango, topped it off with the chicken and then reduced some of the punch into a syrup to drizzle on top.  I figured most of the alcohol burned off while cooking the chicken and they only got the smallest drizzle of 'sauce' but they still got to be part of today's celebration.  Phew, good thing that coming up with something on my own in the kitchen doesn't intimidate me too much.

We're off to Davisburg for a parade and Fall Festival tomorrow and then back here in plenty of time for the Michigan game tomorrow night.  I already told Grant if its anything like last week's game I'm just going to turn it off as I don't think my blood pressure needs to be that elevated again anytime soon.  Also hoping that the Astros get it in gear over the weekend to beat up on the Indians so the Tigers have the chance to clinch the ALCS at home :)  Banana Festival tomorrow and Pecan Cookies, until then...

It was Pirate Day at storytime (Mikayla's first costume of the day)

 She made a spyglass, a pirate hate and decorated a pirate paper plate today (Oh how I love the Farmington Library system!)

 The Fairy Princess went to get Noah off the bus (She was then Sleeping Beauty at dinner tonight)

 Rum Punch

 Kristi's Rum Punch Chicken

 Super Puddle Splash Girl!

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