Saturday, November 3, 2012

Proud Mama

 He won!  I am one super proud Mama right now.  Last week, when we took the kids Trick or Treating at Home Depot both my kiddos entered the costume contest they had.  This morning, when Grant took the kiddos over there to do the build project for the month (love this program - Home Depot rocks!) they found out that Noah won!  And apparently they told Grant he won "by a landslide".  I'm trying not to let it go to my head, but I'm thinking that super oxygen tank may have had something to do with it.... ;-)  Anyway, he won a really cool SpongeBob snow globe, some baseball tree ornaments, some candy and glow sticks.  He is delighted!!  And I am pleased as punch for him!  Oh, and it gets better.  He's being recognized at places now :-p  While they were still at Home Depot a lady that had seen the sign in the front of the store stopped and asked if he was Noah who had won.  Then, when they stopped by Kroger to get a chicken for the super yummy chicken noodle soup I have cooking at the moment, a lady that had been at Home Depot earlier recognized him.  My four year old is famous!  Yay for Noah!!!

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  1. And a fabulous O2 tank it was. You should have won! Congratulations, Noah. And poor Daddy did not win the ladder. Oh well! He'll have to figure something else out.