Thursday, November 8, 2012

Parks and Squid (or Octo) Dogs and a couple of crazy kids

 Thank you God for the beautiful weather!  After the crummy, rainy and cloudy weather last week we have been thrilled to see the sun for a few days now.  Even better - we may see 60 again over the weekend!  So while it wasn't quite that warm here today I knew we had to get out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.  Plus Thing 1 and Thing 2 had some serious energy to burn :-p

So I took them over to the park for an hour or so, where they immediately met a kiddo who they parted ways with as best friends sixty mere minutes later.  I wish it was that easy for me to make friends!  Instantly the three of them were laughing, talking and chasing each other all over the playground.  They hugged each other good bye for crying out loud.  What is it that makes that same interaction 100 times harder 25 odd years later?  I think maybe I need to start taking some cues and tips from my kiddos...

Lucky Grant got to go out to dinner with the new VP of navigation tonight so it was just the three of us for dinner.  I had to break out the squid dogs again.  (Because honestly, I won't even subject Grant to them ;-) )  So as they're munching away, Noah tells me "Mom, these can't be squids because squids only have tentacles on one side"  Alright, who gave my kiddo the right to be smarter than me?  I mean, what was I supposed to say?  Technically he's right.  So I've had to rename them octo-dogs.  Chalk one up for Noah.

And finally, I had to share a couple of pictures of what else they've been up to tonight.  Yesterday when we were out running errands we found that all the costumes at Target were 90% off.  That's right, 90%!  So I let them each get one when we were out.  Then last night after dinner Grant took them to a different Target to each pick out one more.  I mean, costumes that would have cost $30 9 days ago were $3, we can spring for that.  They LOVE to dress up so it meant two very happy kiddos.  Chalk one up for Mom and Dad ;-)

Round and round and round and round

 Squid, ahem, octo dogs pre-cooking

And post-cooking

A car and a lady bug chased each other around the living room

 Then the lady bug decided she needed pirate pants on her head.  It's been an interesting night...

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