Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shades of Kosakowski

Since she's been little my entire family has remarked on how much Mikayla resembles my sister, Sarah.  Not just in looks but in personality, too.  I think this might have a little bit to do with being Kiddo #2.  But in all truthfulness, I do see quite a bit of my fabulous sister in The Bean.   But today a completely different Kosakowski side of Mikayla came out and I can't help but giggle when I think how proud this person is going to be when they read about this one...

This morning I had MOPS which Thing 1 and Thing 2 love because they get to go and play with 'new' kids.  Upon returning home I let them eat the rest of the turkeys (I just couldn't look at the sad things any longer) and then we decided with the beautiful weather we'd take Charlie (the wagon) for a spin before lunch and a nap.  I opted to take a route we hadn't been on in awhile so we could check out the changing landscape and maybe see some animals.

We're on our way back to the house through the other side of a neighborhood when we come across a house that is still completely decked out for Halloween.   Spiderwebs on the bushes, a bunch of pumpkins, a flying witch, the whole works.  At the same time we're approaching the owner of said house is walking down their driveway, toting their garbage can to the curb.  I make eye contact, smile, wave and go to say hi when a little voice pipes up (quite loudly) from behind me:

"Hey you, Halloween is over!  Put that stuff away!"

I almost died.  Right there on that very spot in the middle of the neighborhood.

Then a memory of my Dad teaching us how to 'salute' passing vehicles or houses that sported a Buckeyes flag flitted through my brain followed quickly by endless scenes of him 'yelling' at a house that still had its Christmas decorations up in March.  Well, at least she comes by it honestly, I reasoned.

So I smiled an apology at the owner of the house and just kept walking.  I couldn't very well yell at her, she was right!  When we got home I did tell her that probably wasn't the nicest thing to yell at someone but I don't think it made much of an impression.  That very well may be because she's inherited yet another Kosakowski trait - her Mama's stubbornness.

Until tomorrow....

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  1. Where did she ever learn such a thing? Can you see me rolling my eyes (after I got done laughing)?