Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kid Kitchen fabulousness!

 I have a confession to make; before today with my kiddos I'd never made puppy chow before.  To be perfectly honest, I don't even really like the stuff.  Up until after I had Mikayla I never really even liked chocolate (a sacrilegious admission for most women, I know) and the whole powdered sugar thing is just a mess.  But I knew my kids would adore making it and would gobble it down.  As would Grant, who I am sure is at work right now counting down the hours 'til he comes home to wolf it down.  So we made puppy chow in kid kitchen today.  And I've got to admit, it was a lot of fun.  A HUGE mess, but a lot of fun.

And if that wasn't quite enough of a mess, after our huge meatloaf success last week, I decided that I'd let the kiddos help make dinner again.  Since they'd been so delighted with 'getting messy' making meatloaf, I thought we'd try out some meatballs this week.  I swear I earned major mom points on this one as they thought this was great.  As Kayla said "I love you, Mom for making meatballs with me"  *MELT*  We'll let you know later how they turned out!

Ready for Kid Kitchen

 I promise they scrubbed their hands again...


 I'd say they did a pretty good job.  I honestly helped very little on the rolling process

 Stirring up the puppy chow

 And now, we shake!

 The finished product

 A first taste

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  1. They are going to be so good in the kitchen when they get older. They will know so much. No starving for them when they are on their own. I love puppy chow. The stuff is addicting!