Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey (and Kool-Aid pie)

 Have you ever had one of those seemingly great ideas that you are ridiculously excited about  but when it finally goes down it's just seems like one disaster after another?  That would totally be my oreo turkeys today.

I have been anticipating making these for WEEKS.  I stumbled across a picture of them online somewhere (because I totally stalk the internet for cute food...) and thought, well I can do that!  I even thought I'd take some to my mom's for Thanksgiving and Noah mentioned taking them to school for their Thanksgiving feast on Monday.  I thought that maybe I should give them a bit of a test run in a smaller batch before I committed myself to anything.

Thank goodness.

Tomorrow morning I have a MOPS meeting and I thought these would be a perfect holiday themed take-along to share.  Anytime I can pass along my love of 'cute food' I am all over it.  So as I sat down to create my shopping list last night (because we were out of pretty much everything from egg to milk to hot dogs as Casa de Gatchel) I added what I needed to complete my cute turkeys.

Cue disaster #1.  Kayla and I got back from dropping Noah off at school, I grabbed a quick shower  and ran back out the door to pick him up.  Without my list.  I realized it half way to school when there of course wasn't enough time to run back home and get it.  No biggie, I thought, I have a fairly good memory we can wing it.

Which is how I forgot the red hots for the turkey's heads.  So my turkeys were going to be decapitated, lovely.  They'll still be adorable, I told myself.  Famous last words...

After I got the kiddos down for their nap I gathered my supplies together.  Cue disaster #2 - I apparently bought the most crushed bag of oreos EVER.  Or scratch that, they weren't crushed because I did gently feel the package to make sure of this at the store.  They were just nearly all cracked.  Not ideal when I needed them to be whole.  We'll make due I reassured myself.  I gamely got them all separated into two pieces, improvising where necessary to keep them together.

So I start on my assembly only to realize that apparently the candy corn I bought was WAY bigger than the candy corn in the picture I saw.  That or I bought smaller oreos.  Or I was fooled by a picture.  Regardless, there was no way I was getting seven pieces of candy corn on the back of the oreo.  Not even five.  I settled for three.  Sigh.  And that was even if I could get them to stay on.  I finally got smart about it, attached the candy corn and then stuck the cookies in the freezer for a few minutes to help the icing set.  The red icing which I discovered was all I had to my cake supplies.  Apparently I was going to have bloody decapitated turkeys.  Sigh.

I had raided the Halloween candy for the whoppers I needed (who hands out whoppers for Halloween, anyway?) and got those attached to the bottom, though cracked a couple more of the cookies in the process.  Then I went about trying to figure out how to make it all come together.

I tried my best!  I honestly did.  And I'm going to take them to MOPS tomorrow even if they have no heads and look like they're bleeding and very well might fall apart if you try to touch them.  But I don't think I'll be making them for my mom's next week.  Or Noah's school Thanksgiving.  I think bloody headless turkeys might be a little too much for a group of four year olds...  You'll have to take a look and let me know what you think.

On the up side, I did remember the stuff for another new recipe today.  Yesterday at the library the kids were playing in the toys 'cooking' with another little girl and her Mom and I struck up a conversation about cooking with kids (Obviously a huge passion of mine :) ) and she was telling me about kool-aid pie.  All it takes is a can of condensed milk, a container of cool-whip and a package of any flavor kool aid you want.  Sounds absolutely hideous to me but I'm sure my kids will love it.  We tried out Blue Raspberry Lemonade, so I'll have to let you know how it goes.  And how the turkeys go over :-p

Okay, so this one doesn't look quite as scary as some of the others.  But it still has no head!

 They're going to my meeting tomorrow, scary or not! (though given their fragile state I'm not promising they're going to make it there in one piece)

 Stay tuned for opinions on the pie!

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