Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My boys and their toys

 The kiddos and I made a trip to M Den today so I could order my Michigan jersey.  It was what I finally decided I wanted to spend my Papa money on.  I have always wanted my own jersey with my name on it so I know he'd be thrilled that was what I decided on.  But I wanted to share his memory with the kiddos as well.  One thing they clearly remember is him emptying his pockets when they would see him so they could 'feed their piggies'  And while they each have little banks now, I thought it would be fun for them to pick something out themselves that would mean something to them.  Noah had his heart set on a Michigan bank so we picked that up at M Den, too.  I am currently having quite the time convincing him not to carry it with him everywhere :-p  Mikayla wants a princess bank so it's on the agenda for tomorrow...

The other pictures, I just had to share for my Dad.  Grant and the kiddos put up some of the Christmas decorations on Sunday (our tree is up!) which of course included the village.  In true Kosakowski fashion, the Gatchel's are extending 'the village' tradition.  And the second year in, it's official, the village is already larger than the space intended for it!  The mantle has been completely overrun and he invaded the bookshelves.  I'm afraid it's going to start taking over the entire room at this point.  And he's talking about lights and music and I swear my Dad is rubbing off on him.

Noah and his new pig

 He's so proud

 See it creeping onto the book shelves over there...


  1. What great pictures and story! I love that your 'stockings are hung by the chimney with care." You did use care in hanging them, right?

  2. Kristi, it would seem not only your dad, but Grant's step-father has rubbed off. Particularly the music part. I'll post our village pics. Tom even picked up more village stuff at the flea markets a couple of weeks ago. He likes Liberty Falls. Love ya, ckb